2021-22 Odyssey Angels

The Smart Cookies Manhattan Beach, California

The 2022 Odyssey Angels group is the Smart Cookies from Manhattan Beach, California. The group helped a local senior citizen community feel a renewed sense of belonging and friendship after being separated from so much during the pandemic. The group had a creative idea to interview the seniors and write about their lives. They then created a coffee table book with their stories. Not only did this reintroduce everyone living in the community, but the time spend with the group during the interviews were also important.

To start, the team made flyers advertising when the interviews would take place. The manager distributed the flyers and several community members agreed to join the project.

On the day designated for the interviews, the team split into two groups to interview the seniors. They recorded the interviews and made notes that were used to draft 3-page biographies about each person. As soon as they were able, the group then threw a party at the senior’s community center where they showcased the stories and presented the coffee table book of biographies.  

The seniors had a great time reconnecting with their community and with the Odyssey Angels. The Angels also cherished getting to know the seniors as well by taking part in this special project. Thank you to the Smart Cookies and all Odyssey Angels!