2022-2023 Odyssey Angels

2023 Odyssey Angels

The 2023 Odyssey Angels from Wesley Chapel, FL are this year’s winning group. It’s members Halie Stover, Meghan Elizabeth (M.E.) Childers, Anetta Diaz-Sanchez, Kaylee Conyers, and Kylee Chew, helped Refuge Ranch Animal Sanctuary, a local rescue organization, open to the public!

Even better, they found a new use for their old props by repurposing them into various activities for the animals on the ranch.

They transformed old PVC pipe and wood from past years into enrichment items for the animals like a chicken swing and a pig treat dispenser!

Once they saw how much the animals bene! ted from these items and how useful the materials were, they reached out to others in the community to donate additional creative building materials that were turned into helpful items on the ranch.

They also held three different fundraisers benefitting the ranch. Additionally, the team dedicated over 100 combined volunteer hours helping out at the Refuge Ranch Sanctuary and plan on continuing to visit and volunteer even after the OM year is over.

Thanks to their work, local rescued animals were helped and the sanctuary was ready to open to the community to help spread their important message of saving animals.