Every community has different needs and situations, so YOU are the expert for what needs help within your community. There are many ways to help others, and as part of Odyssey of the Mind, you are uniquely equipped to think of an outside-of-the-box solution to those in need. While there is no limit to who or what an Odyssey Angel can do to help in neighborhoods, here are a few areas that you can take note of in order to start brainstorming. Perhaps you can combine items in categories to solve a problem. The options are limitless!

ELDERLY: Are there senior centers in your community? Is there a way you can assist seniors in your community? Can you think of a way to help with chores, make someone laugh or keep someone company?

ENVIRONMENTAL: Is there a park or playground that needs renovation? Does your area have a community garden or a place to plant vegetables? Does some part of your community need beautifying? Do you see some other area that is lacking? Can you think of a new way to recycle a previously thrown-out item, or a way to make something that appears useless into something useful?

SCHOOLMATES: Is there someone in need that could use your creative abilities? Remember the Odyssey of the Mind team that helped inspire Odyssey Angels: they used their engineering skills to build a prosthetic arm for a fellow classmate and modified another friend’s wheelchair so he could join marching band. Don’t just concentrate on mechanical skills, perhaps younger students are missing out on taking part in more theatrical activities such as dancing, singing, or acting. Remember use your particular Odyssey of the Mind creative problem-solving skills to help!

NEIGHBORS: Are there other groups or families that could use assistance in some way? Can you build something for them? Entertain? Help in other ways by solving a problem?

ANIMALS: Is there an animal shelter in need? How can you use your creativity to help stray animals or shelters better care for animals? Perhaps they need supplies like blankets, or dogwalkers?

Get Ideas from past projects!